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“The way business is done is experiencing a significant transformation. At the heart of this transformation is what many call the Impact Imperative.”



TIRESIA is a research center based in the School of Management of the Polytechnic University of Milan. Our main research interests and activities include new forms of impact entrepreneurship, social impact measurement, impact finance and inclusive innovation.  

TIRESIA produces scholarly and practice-oriented research addressing academic, policy and civil society needs. We are also actively engaged in advisory activities for corporations, financial institutions and policy makers. 

Tiresia research activities are focused on four areas

Impact Investing is a radical approach to investing in solutions for a better future, and its radicality translates into placing the intentionality-measurability-additionality triad at the centre of the very definition.”

Tiresia descrizione

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I numeri di Tiresia

5 Professors

3 Post – doc researcher

9 Phd candidates / research fellows

Tiresia Impact Insight Series

Through the publishing of position papers, research reports, and articles, the periodic issues will discuss about impact investment, impact measurement, social & sustainable entrepreneurship and social innovation policies.

3.21 Third Sector and Welfare facing Covid-19: a review of challenges and paths for future development

The third publication of the Tiresia Impact Insight Series is developed in collaboration with Fondazione Cesare Pozzo and Fondazione Triulza.

2.21 Philanthropic foundations and impact investing in Italy: challenges and opportunities

The second publication of the Tiresia Impact Insight Series, developed in collaboration with Assifero (the Italian Association of Foundations and Philanthropic Bodies), examines foundations' and philanthropic bodies' current commitment to impact finance, as well as the main challenges and opportunities that this commitment entails.     Philanthropic organizations may play a crucial role in the impact investing market as both investors and [...]

1.21 How the regulation 2019/2088 meets the social impact measurement practices: a comprehensive framework

This first publication is on the EU SFDR Regulation. It redefines the boundaries of financial actors’ investment approaches to sustainability, aiming at reducing information asymmetries and the risk of greenwashing.     Since financial actors consider sustainability under different perspectives, their arising need to report social and environmental impact poses doubts on how to measure social and environmental impact in [...]

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