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TIRESIA is a research center based in the School of Management of the Polytechnic University of Milan. Our main research interests and activities include new forms of impact entrepreneurship, social impact measurement, impact finance and inclusive innovation. 

TIRESIA produces scholarly and practice-oriented research addressing academic, policy and civil society needs. We are also actively engaged in advisory activities for corporations, financial institutions and policy makers.

The School of Management (SoM) of the Polytechnic University of Milan groups together the Graduate School of Business (MIP) and the Department of Management Engineering (DIG).  The SOM conducts research, education and consultancy in the field of management.


TIRESIA offers an innovative and transformative perspective on the purpose-driven economy. We are committed to preserve impact integrity, as we believe that this latter is the key enabling factor for unleashing the transformative power of the impact economy. 

In this novel approach, technology and proximity play a crucial and enabling role. 


Tiresia’s mission is to study and to interpret the transformations that are deeply changing entrepreneurship, corporations, finance and innovation in the impact economy.

TIRESIA’s hybrid approach combines research, education, advisory and experiential learning. We have contributed to establishing the Polytechnic University of Milan in the top ten universities providing teaching and research in the field of social impact finance at the global level, according to MacArthur Foundation. 

TIRESIA enhances the capacity of individuals and organizations to embrace global and innovative solutions to complex societal problems.


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Impact Skilling

IMPACT Skilling is meant to provide the cognitive and interpretative elements necessary to understand the deep transformation taking place in economic systems, business and financial models in response to the new societal challenges

TECH-up Skilling

TECH-up Skilling is meant to provide social entrepreneurs and players of the social economy with the skills that are necessary to manage the adoption of low/medium/high tech in their organization and to master the digital transformation processes that will help their social enterprises and business to seize the opportunities that come, in many sectors, with the disruptive change following the pandemic crisis and the next crises to come.

Politecnico Ecosystem

Ranked no.1 nationwide, no.24 worldwide (QS WORLD UNIVERSITY RANKINGS 2015)

Largest and oldest technical univesity in Italy, founded in 1863

More than 40.000 Students

12 Specialization departments

1.400 Professors and Lectures

2 main campuses in Milan

5 campuses in northern Italy, 1 China and 1 India

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